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Glendale (AZ) Geography, Demographics and More - Page 2

Glendale Legal Marital Status

Marriage Ratios

  • 40.8%

    Overall Marriage Ratio

  • 41.9%

    Male Marriage Ratio

  • 39.8%

    Female Marriage Ratio

Marriage Ratios in Glendale by Age

The majority of males aged Over 65 are mostly married, while a large part of females that fall into the age segment of 45-54 are mostly married.

Glendale Resident Statistics by Place of Birth

Glendale BornNative BornForeign BornNon-CitizenNaturalized Citizen
Birth Place

About 83.48% of Glendale residents are born in the United States, while 43.63% of Glendale citizens are born in Glendale. In terms of foreign born, non-citizens and naturalized citizens account for 9.52% and 7% respectively. As for the origin of those non-citizens, the largest number of them is from Latin America, and the second comes from Asia.

Glendale AZ Crime by Type

YearViolent crimeProperty crimeLarceny-theftMotor vehicle theft

Glendale AZ Residential Fires by Incident Type

Residential Fires in Glendale AZ by Year


Causes of Residential Area Fires in Glendale AZ by Year


Glendale Educational Attainment Level by Sex

Education Attained

Glendale Educational Attainment Rate by Race

High School

Glendale Employment Rate by Educational Attainment Level

  • Labor Force Participation
  • Employment Ratio
  • Unemployment Ratio