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San Jose (CA) Geography, Demographics and More - Page 5

San Jose Legal Marital Status

Marriage Ratios

  • 50.6%

    Overall Marriage Ratio

  • 51.5%

    Male Marriage Ratio

  • 49.7%

    Female Marriage Ratio

Marriage Ratios in San Jose by Age

The majority of males aged Over 65 are mostly married, while a large part of females that fall into the age segment of 35-44 are mostly married.

San Jose Resident Statistics by Place of Birth

San Jose BornNative BornForeign BornNon-CitizenNaturalized Citizen
Birth Place

About 59.47% of San Jose residents are born in the United States, while 46.45% of San Jose citizens are born in San Jose. In terms of foreign born, non-citizens and naturalized citizens account for 17.47% and 23.06% respectively. As for the origin of those non-citizens, the largest number of them is from Asia, and the second comes from Latin America.