Household Income in Tennessee

The Census Bureau has released its report on median household income in Tennessee for 2016. The bad news is that the median household income in Tennessee is only $47,746. The good news is that this is an increase of 3.7% from 2015.There are a number of factors that contribute to this income disparity. One is the cost of living, which is higher in Tennessee than in many other states. Another is the lack of jobs that pay a livable wage.

Fortunately, there are things that we can do to help increase our household income. One is to take advantage of tax credits and deductions. Another is to make wise choices about our spending.

By making a concerted effort to increase our household income, we can improve our quality of life and achieve our goals.

Culture of Tennessee

When most people think of Tennessee, they think of country music and whiskey. But there is so much more to the culture of Tennessee than that! In this blog post, we will explore some of the unique aspects of Tennessee culture.One of the most iconic aspects of Tennessee culture is its music. Memphis, in particular, is known for its blues and soul music. The city is home to legends like Elvis Presley, Aretha Franklin, and B.B. King. Country music is also popular in Tennessee, and the Grand Ole Opry is based in Nashville.

Another iconic part of Tennessee culture is its food. Memphis is known for its barbecue, and Nashville is known for its hot chicken. There are also many dishes that are unique to Tennessee, such as frog legs, biscuits and gravy, and peach cobbler.

Another important part of Tennessee culture is its history. Tennessee was one of the original thirteen colonies, and it is home to many important historical sites, like the Battle of Franklin and the Jack Daniel’s Distillery.

Overall, Tennessee is a fascinating state with a rich culture that is worth exploring. If you’re ever in the area, be sure to check out some of the amazing sights and sounds that Tennessee has to offer!

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